Technology jobs in Edtech companies are a vice software company

Last updated on March 6, 2021

The Edtech industry is moving to improvise education by using technology with enhanced teaching and learning processes. It’s a relatively new industry and lots of the companies in the sector are small start-ups. Edtech companies provide a wide variety of jobs, and people from many different technical backgrounds doing them.  

Technology with education has evolved very rapidly and became more immersive, and thus the requirement of strong skill sets has been required to promote Edtech products. This innovation in Edtech has impacted the job market, with professionals fulfilling the roles with the enhanced skills and expertise. 

With the growth of ed-tech companies, trainers and teachers are high in demand. Mentioning some skills you should have, if you apply for a job at an ed-tech company.

  • Knowing technology well :  The last 200 days doubled the rate of technology adoption in the sector but the problem was that teachers were not prepared to use even basic technology for teaching. It is advised to the educators to adapt to the changing needs of technology to improve the education-based learning environments. Nowadays companies are looking for educators and trainers who know technologies well.
  • Hard & Soft Skills: It is required to have the skills such as leadership, communication, collaboration along with cultural competence.
  • Good EIQ other than IQ :  Emotional Intelligence Quotient is an emerging skill because it enables them to understand the student psyche, their behavior, their knowledge retention patterns, etc. It also helps teachers to spot any challenging issues or problems that a student may be facing.
  • Change management skills:  It has become important for Ed-tech companies and teachers to develop management skills to match up with the environment.
  • Skilled to conduct adaptive learning: As with increasing numbers of online learning programs, it is important for teachers to be more adaptive to the technology to help students and professionals. Increased use of videos, gamification, AI, and other modern methodology will increase engagement and motivation to the learner.

As in many other industries, Edtech also requires technology-based professionals and helping them to make a successful career in this industry. 

As the roots of EdTech is based on technology, this industry has a huge demand for IT and software profiles. At present students and professionals can search for the job in various IT-based roles included with software engineering, UI and UX, gamification and animators, SEO, SEM and content marketing, Data Scientists, Graphic designers, etc.   


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