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Mental Well Being During These Challenging Times

Last updated on May 15, 2021

In march 2020, the global spread of Corona Virus caused all schools and universities to shut their doors leading to an abrupt shift to distance learning. COVID-19 has brought changes to primitive methods of teaching, opening new doors and exposing the world to new learning- teaching methods. Almost over an year later Students, Teachers as well as parents are agonizing over the working of the new system of virtual classrooms and online education.

Under this plight of the global pandemic, relationships have been altered by the avoidance of direct contact with the others, with implications for their mental health. It should be emphasized that, in crisis situations, teachers may play an additional and crucial role. They can provide psychosocial support to learners. Firstly, teachers can create a safe and supportive interaction where students may express their emotions and experiences; secondly, they can include specific structured psychosocial activities in the teaching/learning process that can strongly help vulnerable students In a situation as such, the mental well being of the teachers is as important as the physical well being.

Sitting in front of the screen for hours, preparing study guides and presentations or creating visual and auditory aids to make a class interactive and to keep the students engaged can be exhausting. It is very important to take five minute breaks almost every hour to minimise the strain on your eyes.

Surely school hours no longer take up the most of your day anymore leaving more leisure time which can be effectively spent for professional development by attending seminars or pursuing new courses or sometimes the best way to pass the leisure time is with a good book and a warm cup of coffee.

Being away from the school premises allows most of us to spend more time with their beloveds which is also a proven stress buster. Therefore giving a part of your day to your family can also lighten the load of distance learning.

As the spread of the virus has made us stay in boundaries, restricting most physical activities, having some physical activities in your day such as meditation and yoga early in the morning can help keep you in a fresh mood all day long.

As long as there remains a sanguine perspective, battling the mental stress of the pandemic would seem easier.

Dr Purohit

Vice Principal,

Delhi Public School Warangal,


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