Job opportunities in Edtech industries

Last updated on March 8, 2021

Once education was limited to classrooms and notebooks which now has been moved to a new dimension. The main services catered by the Edtech industry are included with test preparation, online certification, skill development, online discovery along enterprise solutions. Indian test-prep industry has become a wide industry from being either a focused ‘star teacher’ or largely unregulated home-tuitions driven delivery catering mostly to the creamy layer. This industry has given an explosive growth in employment opportunities.

It has been noticed that around 15 Mn students in India are preparing for competitive exams, the huge market is there for the online test preparation market. The adoption of vernacular languages by Edtech startups is another reason for the rising popularity of the online test preparation segment in India. And all these factors have given a boom to the Edtech industry, generating a large number of reputed jobs for IITans and other top college students. Now, the complete perspective towards education centers has been changed as they are more organized and professionally managed.  

The learning landscape has been completely changed in India and globally. As internet adoption has increased so many technology-driven options,  be it online from laptop or mobile, from comfort, or VSAT based delivery via classrooms. Technology makes it possible for a good program to cater to an extremely large number of students irrespective of location. From a delivery perspective, the need for a specialist faculty and higher faculty interaction in instruction is highest for engineering-based knowledge tests such as GATE that have multiple streams such as electrical, mechanical, etc. Thus there is a huge job opportunity available for the graduates from the highly reputed colleges from India.

Benefits of Getting a Job opportunity in the test prep market:- 

The opportunity to work here is incredible , as this allows people to work in a genuine business setting .The Edtech industry is seeking to grow people and professionals. Training and teaching to the students in a genuine workplace environment is undoubtedly something incredible and respectful. Helping the professionals to develop the sense and awareness of workplace culture. By enhancing soft skills and advanced theoretical knowledge. Professionals can increase awareness of global challenges and industry issues.  

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