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It’s not what you look at that matters; it’s what you see

Last updated on March 26, 2021

Classic example :  Ashoka  Pillar 

How many lions are carved on the top?  Visual perception differs on  actuality.

Teachers’ approach to traditional teaching has been occasional lot learning, repeating , revise and recapitulate learning, even copy if necessary. Assessments format are  written and oral exams for gauging student’s academic  progress and for making progress cards.

The policy of education was also updated in long spans.  Study material was updated every 10 years , then every five years, then every three years as on date. This created a decade gap of learning between Indian students and Global Students. Bridging the gap was a challenge. The teachers not only have to understand these frequent changes but adapt, accept and implement them. The teachers who are ready to imbibe such changes will survive otherwise Darwins ‘s theory will work in true sense.

Today, the world is a huge repository of knowledge over the internet. Fast tracking of learning methodology and new innovative pedagogies is the only solution. Changing the mindset of all stakeholders to impart learning will be mandatory. Perception of teachers should not be teaching of syllabus only, but to develop 21st century skills in students, motivating and encouraging them to participate in co- curricular activities 

The structure of curriculum is framed, the challenge of balancing academics and co-curricular activities is a major Paradigm shift necessary in the  policymakers, educationist, teachers and parents. Co- curricular activities like dancing, sports , coding ,Robotics  etc are now looked upon as professional fields. Solutions to maintain balance will be changed in perception of methodology and mindset  of imparting academics and co-curricular syllabus.

Self-learning, Peer learning , group learning, research based learning, gamification, encouragement to awaken the curiosity of a child,  challenging the students and use of technologies are few suggestions. Finally to bring this change in perception stakeholders , lots of proficiency development training and webinars will be necessary.

To adapt, to accept and to evolve  these changes will be a elixir of teaching career for all stakeholders. 

Sunil Patel( B.sc, B.ed)

Head master 

Pragnya Bodhini high school 



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January 28, 2021

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