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How to make a resume for a teaching job ?

Last updated on March 9, 2021

A resume isn’t a Curriculum Vitae, it is a document that incorporates the most pertinent experience of the applicant that coordinates the necessities of the work.  To prepare a good resume the principal thing you need to consider is your audience. Who will peruse your resume?  Envision yourself as the hiring manager or the school owner.  And think in the way as to make your stand with your resume which will stand apart from all the others in an expert manner.  Indeed, even without experience, you can in any case compose a decent resume that will get the interest of the employing chief. 

Some significant focuses to consider before you begin to write resume : 

  1. Spell Check – Take the time to proofread your resume and cover letter. 
  2. Designing – Make your resume have a professional look. Nowadays so many websites are available with free templates. 
  3. Short Resume – Try to build a resume that is short and informative. 
  4. Basic and clear – Most of the time, those that are recruiting you are not local English speakers. Try to use bullet points to make it easier, clear, and readable. 

Your resume must be included with the teaching position, including name and contact information. Apart, one must have to include a variety of sections to depict that you are a highly deserving candidate for the particular teaching role.  

Points to consider before writing a resume for a teaching position :  

  1. Review examples:  It is very important to research and review sample resumes for teaching positions available online or at your library. Never do copy paste while preparing a resume. Review the example resume and template below to give you an idea of how your end product should look. This will also help you understand the types of resumes employers will be reviewing so that you can consider what qualifications set you apart.
  1. Choose a format or template:  So many free templates and formats are available online, that you can select. Always try to opt for the format matching up with your experience, clear headers, and simple and easy to read. Try to make it simple and fulfill the purpose of your resume.
  1. Objective:  It is important to add a summary at the top of your resume or objective describing your complete qualifications and the purpose for applying to this job. It must be one or two-liner depicting your specific adjectives as well as a clear goal.
  1. Share relevant experience : If you are having experience in the teaching profession, including your relevant experience and your main accomplishments for each position. If you are beginning your career as a teacher you might include student teaching, tutoring, or other informal teaching positions.
  1. Achievements, interest and education:  Try to fill achievement and education qualifications with the percentage in your resume. Mention any award achieved in certain competitions. It is also good to add your interest and hobbies to your resume. This will be helpful to understand your skills to the reader.
  1. Be specific : You can mention your roles and responsibilities, as you have done something new which was not done in your previous jobs. Try to use bullet points describing achievement and duties.
  1. Proofread : Last but not least your resume must be error-free. Proofread your resume for grammar, spelling, and format before submitting an application. Proofreading will help you to leave a good impression and can be useful for future applications.

You should need to pay more attention to the information added in your resume. The teaching profession requires a large range of skills, to connect with many types of students and professionals. Showcase your important qualifications to get shortlisted. The education profession is very vast and different types of teachers as well as the environment they can teach in, so try to make a unique resume.  

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