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How to get a school teaching job in UAE while applying from India ?

Last updated on March 5, 2021

If you are a professional educator searching for a world-class teaching job in Dubai, you need to consider certain points in mind. U.A.E. is a dream place that dares visitors and residents to dream up the impossible. Schools in Dubai offer competitive benefits and improved packages including perks as health insurance, airfare, local apartment rental, etc.  

Teachers will require a Master’s certificate in an applicable field, a showing accreditation, and in any event three years of involvement. Other midrange schools acknowledge instructors with Bachelor’s certificates, experience necessities differing positions. 

In case you’re searching for your first teaching job in UAE or Dubai can be a tough thing, however, there are private families searching for coaches and non-benefit schools searching for showing assistants and volunteers. This might be not your dream job, but can be a great way to get your teaching career off.    

Qualification to get a teaching job in UAE: 

In order to practice a teaching profession in the UAE, the applicant must have a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree or a 4-year university degree or higher in the required field. This rule is applicable to both public/private and government schools in the UAE.  

Other conditions include:

  • Criminal clearance record
  • Medical fitness report from the UAE
  • Educational certificates

In case the teacher has graduated from any other university apart from the  UAE. Need to get your certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the country’s embassy in the UAE. If an educator wants to apply to a private school, they must have, approach the school administration staff. The school will then forward the necessary papers to the Ministry of Education in the northern emirates, Dubai for tests required and final approval. Candidates who want to apply for any position at UAE government schools, to do this through the Ministry of Education’s job portal. By following the instructions and information. Further, the Department of Education and Knowledge in Abu Dhabi will help you with the application and the process of appointment.  

The Teacher’s Licensing System (TLS):  

The TLS teaching license will become a requirement for education professionals in the UAE. All principals, vice-principals, managers, and teachers working across all public and private schools in the UAE will have to hold a UAE teacher’s license to work legally in the UAE. One can get the license by passing the examination conducted by the TLS system. 


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