Ed-Tech trends to Look Out For

Last updated on February 26, 2021

The Ed-tech sector is here to lead the way this 2021. The pandemic surely disrupted the education sector, but there are many more developments to come this year. Online education is now no more a luxury that institutions opt for. 

If they have to be current and compete in the growing online market, education institutions have to be up to date with developments in the Ed-tech space. Here are a few trends in this space that are sure to come in 2021.

Points of Leverage:-

The trends in India are sure to align with the global trends. In the US, Ed-Tech is leveraging the K-12, tertiary education, as well as corporate education sectors. India is set to head in the same way. Skill development Ed-techs are also bound to see an increase in growth.

This also clearly means that the curriculum is moving away from the set curriculum prescribed by traditional universities. The curriculum is now dynamic and aimed at helping learners get a job. It is filling in the space that university curriculums have not been able to so far.  Short-term courses aimed at professionals will also see an increase. 

Boost in Automation:-

As technology advances, automation is sure to see a boost in the Ed-tech sector. There will be an increase in Learning Management Systems (LMS) to efficiently manage courses as well as the tutors teaching them.  

In addition to this, enrollment, as well as any student information, is also managed. CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management. There will also be new trends in the Student Information System (SIS).  So far, all of these processes were separated and offered by different Ed-techs. Collaborative efforts are on the rise to bring end-to-end management for the entire student lifecycle. 

Watch out for these trends and to align your learning and job opportunities in the Ed-tech space.




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