Ed-Tech Startup in 2021

Last updated on April 20, 2021


The Ed-tech industry is seeing incredible growth and the same has been forecasted for 2021. The truth is that many students are still studying from their homes in 2021. Further, the pandemic proved that learning is truly a lifetime activity. 

The standard tried-and-tested models of education have been challenged. The same has been observed in various other sectors where the digitized world has come to complement the physical world. 

Here is what Ed-tech startups are bringing to the table in 2021:-

Promotes Individuality

For the longest time, the world of education has kept its eyes on collective teaching in classrooms. The new Ed-tech startups in 2021 have brought to the table the nurturing of individuality. Here, learning is given the most importance, with a focus on each student with instant feedback as well as grading. 

The increased focus on the individual also made way for some of the best online jobs in the Ed-tech space. The special focus on each learner also suggests that Ed-tech companies in 2021 are hiring now. 

Increasing Investment 

2021 has also become the year when the Ed-tech industry is increasingly attracting attention. Investors have taken notice of the potential of hybrid learning in the education space. Hence, with the investment increasing, ed-tech job opportunities are also increasing. 

It is a great time where the Ed-tech industry is bound to hire dynamic talent to meet the needs of learners. 

Trends in the Ed-tech Industry 

There is a misconception that Ed-tech startups only function in the teaching and learning space. However, the industry is full of potential, and other functions like networking form a key part of the landscape. From apps that connect parents and teachers over student’s homework to those that offer coaching, the possibilities are endless. 

One of the biggest trends that will assert its presence in the Ed-tech space is language learning. Other startups are making it big by tying up with the who’s who of the industry. The idea is to bring expert knowledge to anyone who is looking at making it big in their world. 

Across the various trends, apps and technology are predominant. Hence, the Ed-tech industry is poised to hire more and more new talent in the form of web developers, designers, and accountants as well.

Making Way for New Opportunities 

From excellent teacher required opportunities for teaching staff to slots open for back-end staff, the Ed-tech industry is inclusive of various career paths. It is only bound to expand in 2021. 

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