Ed-Tech After the Pandemic

Last updated on March 2, 2021

The highlight for education in 2020 was the constantly shifting landscape from the physical to the digital. Teaching methods, syllabi, as well as learning hours, changed drastically. With this, the funding for Ed-tech in India has soared. The industry has drawn over $2 billion in funds in India.

Growing Ed-Tech Space

This shift is dynamic and the ed-tech space is only bound to grow bigger. The opportunities are many and increasing. According to PGA labs analysis, the Indian market for education had about 360 million learners in 2021. These figures make the country one of the largest markets in the education space.

It has been hence forecasted as the apt time for anyone who has been looking into the ed-tech industry to make a shift. Universities and schools are now slowly beginning to open and invite students back to campuses. The Ed-tech industry is, however, here to stay.

This is also in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 in India. The goal has been set to transform education by 200. However, this is surely not possible without tapping into the joys of online education. 

Other Developments

The Ed-tech space is benefited not just by the boom of online education but also by the penetration of the internet to Tier 2 cities as well as rural India. With the increasing number of users, the demand for structured online education is only growing. 

Hence, the stage is just being set today for the exciting online learning market. With this opportunity in front of them, the private sector is quickly entering the market. 

Final Words

With this in mind, anyone looking to enter the ed-tech market should get to their plans immediately. It is a ripe time to tap into a growing market and create a niche in the early stages. The jobs are growing and innovation is at its center.


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